“Every day we make the choice of who we are. And the choices today turn into your biography tomorrow.”

~ James Altucher


One of the absolute favorite parts of my job as a FitPro is when I first get to sit down with a potential client in our Game Planning Session and begin to dig in to their “Why.”

Without really spending the time to get to your “Why” we’ve seen the likelihood of success diminish dramatically. If you are just looking to “work out” or “lose 20 pounds” without really tying that back to a bigger emotional connection, when things get hard you are more likely to fall off and regress back to what you were doing before (even though you know it wasn’t getting you closer to where you KNOW you want to go).

So why do I enjoy it so much (digging into a client’s “Why”)? Because there is something very powerful being engaged with someone in creating a path to a complete life transformation. It is truly a special process and I always feel blessed to be a part of it with them.


So why do I bring this up?

We’ve been fortunate to have quite a few new members join us over these past few months and there have been some absolutely incredible transformations, and THAT is what I wanted to share with you.

BUT here’s the deal (and a secret)… I’m not really a huge fan of the “Before and After” pictures you see plastered all over your Facebook feed and social media (insert shocked face emoticon). You know the ones I’m talking about – “Suzy lost 47 pounds in 6 weeks!” or “John went from flabby to fantastic in 4 weeks. Check out those abs!” Now it’s not that I don’t think these are great; they are absolutely great results (when they are real and not courtesy of our friends at Photoshop).

But here’s where it gets back to the “Why” for me. Because most of the time in the traditional Before & Afters the focus is so much on “weight loss”. Again not a bad thing by any means, and we in fact use that as a progress measure as well (we kind of better if you tell me part of your goal is to lose 30 pounds, right!).

What you DON’T typically hear in these Before / After is what we’ve found is the ACTUAL reason behind the weight loss for our clients – increased energy so you can keep up with your kids, a changed body so you don’t feel like you HAVE to wear a padeo at the beach with your family, knee and low back pain gone so you can enjoy those hikes you used to enjoy with your spouse 15 years ago, greatly improved blood and health markers to get you off those medications so you know you will be around to enjoy your kids and their kids for a long time to come.


You see THOSE are the things that will help you stick to your plan when the going gets tough – and it will. Any time you are trying to create new habits there are anchors of your past just trying to hold on and keep you from moving forward.

I wanted to share a couple of real life examples for you because THESE are the stories that get me excited about what we do here at ADAPT.

We really believe we are not in the “fitness” business (surprise!), but in the “encouraging, motivating and coaching you to become all you were designed to be” business.

So here are a few examples. Hopefully these will get you as excited as they do me.

  • In 28 days blood sugar levels down by ALMOST HALF! (300 to ~150 – 160). You talk about a HUGE change for long-term health and wellness! Not to mention great progress of ~ 8 pounds and ~ 7 inches. So much of the results are from being mindful of eating and changing a few small things that are “big levers.” And because of some personal schedule constraints / illness that’s with only being able to make about half the sessions.
  • Another client said (3 weeks in to the 28 Day Kickstart) “Since I started my 28 days I’ve lost 23lbs, and one belt size, my knees, back and shoulders feel better than they have in a long time. I give credit to my trainer Arianna [one of our awesome APK coaches!] and my spouse. Arianna pushed for good form and to achieve more. My spouse prepped and cooked the food so I would eat better.”
  • His spouse was able to actually STOP having to take their high blood pressure medication, and dropped 8 pounds as an added bonus.
  • Part of our mission here at ADAPT is to “help people restore their fitness and feel like a kid again”. We truly believe movement is a blessing and exercise should be fun. So I loved getting this one: “I went in hoping I could get someone to get me excited about exercise. Well it worked. I look forward to waking up 3x a week, driving to Kapa’a from Kalaheo, get my butt kicked in session to jump start my day.”
  • Here’s the same person, and I LOVE it because you can hear the joy in her words as she’s sharing the “fun of fitness” with her family: “I am on holiday with my sisters right now, and I had them bear crawling, stork walking, inch worming, spread foot gliding and lots more with me in our hotel room! It’s so awesome to be able to share the joy of healthy leaving with everyone I love! Life is so good with ADAPT Performance support, thank you!”
  • Here’s another one that I love because it really mimics my journey transitioning from a corporate career and poor eating habits to becoming more healthy and ultimately a fitness professional: “My weekly win would be that I actually ate & loved the entrees in the meal plan! I am NOT a vegetable lover at all!! Some of the veggies I prepared for the first time LOL!! I have learned to love the meal plan & look forward to more delicious healthy eats!!”
  • And perhaps one of my favorite stories is from a long-time client of mine that had finally decided that it was time to take back her health. She is retired and hadn’t actually cooked in the approximately 4 years since her husband passed. She has some knee issues as well which means most of our training is along the lines of “post-rehab”, so most of her results came from changing her nutrition: “My weekly win is cooking! I haven’t done much cooking in the past 4-5 and years. Now I am re-learning. It has been a real challenge for me – all that chopping and slicing! yikes! I am re-learning what different spices and herbs taste like too. I have to say that all the recipes I’ve made so far have been delicious! now I know what is being used in the food, and I love the feeling that I made it. Some days I don’t feel like cooking, so it is great having leftovers to use another time. I know that cooking myself is a lot healthier, too. Thanks.”
  • And finally one talking about a “lifetime” perspective to change and transformation within the realities of a busy and hectic life as a working mom: “Thank you Jeff for all the guidance this past 28 days. Looking forward to continuing the progress. So happy to report I lost 5 lbs (according to my scale….4 according to Jeff’s…hence the reason I don’t like his scale…lol) and overall 5 inches. Not a drastic change but considering what small changes I could make within my hectic schedule I call that a success!!!! Working on what I can change in next 28 days. Small steps.”
  • This is the same person and it really speaks to the total transformation versus just simply scale weight. I know a lot of women that come into my office saying the same thing – they haven’t enjoyed shopping for a long time… “Found my way into Macy’s and decided to use a gift certificate. Felt my pants was a little loose….so went to try some new work pants…..well guess what….2 weeks into the challenge and I bought a size smaller than I usually buy and also a size smaller blouse…needless to say it was the first time in a long time I actually enjoyed shopping.”

I truly hope these stories provided some encouragement and inspiration for those of you out there living “real lives” – who don’t have the time to hit the gym 6 days a week for 2 hours at a time and only eat broccoli and chicken breasts, but have kids, careers and hectic schedules and responsibilities.

I truly hope this opens the realm of possibilities for you when you think about what it will mean to actually change your life (versus just lose that extra weight).

And more than anything I truly hope this inspires you to take action – you were designed for something GREAT! You were designed for a unique purpose and mission that only you can fulfill and I hope to hear from you as you embark on your journey.

Make the time today to really think about your “Why.” It will be the best investment you make today – I promise 🙂

Yours in health, fitness and “all you were designed to be”!



Jeff Head shot white polo

Jeff Nelson, CPT, FRCms

Owner / Head Coach

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