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“I came to Kauai in the Summer of 2012 having retired from law enforcement after having repeated injuries and surgeries over a 25 year career that took quite a toll on me. Arriving here, I had recently received a Total Knee Replacement (TKR) and did not walk well or feel healthy.

With Jeff’s coaching, support and his extensive knowledge in the area of fitness in a matter of months I had changed quite dramatically. I have lost inches from my waist, fat from my body and gained muscle mass. My leg that was so beaten up by repeated surgeries now has rebounded from atrophy to muscle.

Jeff is dedicated, personable and tireless when it comes to helping his clients. I am living proof. More important than losing fat and developing muscle, by working with Jeff I am now fitter, healthier and happier than I have been in a very long time. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff Nelson as a Personal Trainer and am grateful that our paths crossed and that I was able to work with this talented man.”

Mark Boettger, Post-Rehab

“Jeff’s enthusiasm and knowledge and love for what he does is a very valuable and precious gift for us to be able to learn from.”

Natalie Joyce-Maeda, Group Coaching

“Jeff is a great instructor! He knows how to motivate us as a group, but also watches out for us as individuals so that we don’t get injured.”

Ed Nakaya, Group Coaching

“Adding strength and muscle mass. Any subconscious concerns about the shoulder are a thing of the past. Now pressing and rowing without pause.”

Dana Roberts, Strength Training

“I was a on a four week vacation and happened to wander down Kukui Street to take a sunset photo of Sleeping Giant when I stumbled across Adapt Performance Kauai. Inside, I met the owner Jeff and he briefly explained what the Adapt philosophy is.

As someone who was still recuperating from surgery on my left leg, it sounded perfect for my purposes and struck me as some sort of fated moment. I went ahead and signed up for some  personal training sessions to last the duration of my short trip.

The next day was my first session which was just to get my feet wet, and I immediately noticed that although my post-surgery physical therapy had got me walking again without a limp, it had not really addressed my overall lack of balance, strength and coordination. My trainer said that my entire body was compensated in both intense and subtle ways for the muscle loss I suffered from surgery.

As I have been a long distance runner for over a decade, I was really ready to try and sort out these issues and get back to my usual habit of daily exercise. The Adapt system and team really did wonders for me. Within just a week I started to feel a difference. One really cool unexpected effect was after each session, I would leave with a euphoric feeling in my body.

It was similar to how one feels after acupuncture or massage, as if my muscles had released stress, not endured more. This made me look forward to the sessions even more. By the end of the four weeks, I felt a huge shift in my alignment and general well-being. I felt “balanced” and as if I had recovered strength and even gained some.

I attribute this to the Adapt method as well as my trainer’s methodical attention to the details of my form, constantly encouraging and correcting me. I have had many personal trainers over the years and never has any come close to what I experienced here. When my four weeks came to an end, I was super disappointed to learn there is no Adapt Centers in NYC, where I live!

If you happen to live on Kauai, count yourself very lucky! Besides paradise, you can take advantage of a system that is only offered there and a few other cities on the mainland. Besides the method itself, Jeff and his team were awesome inspiration.

I noticed a range of ages and types of students, from young to old, men and women, fit and struggling with extra weight and the team was great at adjusting their training accordingly to everyone’s needs.

I highly recommend Adapt Kauai for anyone and everyone and especially those who may be suffering or recovering from an injury or surgery. Now Adapt is yet another reason I look forward to returning to The Garden Isle.”

Daniel Peddle

“My wife and I came to Kauai on vacation. Unfortunately, I arrived with a great deal of pain in my neck, shoulders and back. The first day of our vacation was ruined due to my pain. A friend of ours and patient of Rachel’s that lives in Kauai recommended I see her for a massage. I scheduled an appointment as soon as possible and the rest of our vacation was saved. Rachel relieved my pain and also helped me to relax and enjoy the rest of out time in Kauai. My wife and I did everything we wanted to do on the beautiful island thanks to Rachel. Due to multiple injuries and surgeries I have received therapy and massage for over 30 years. I can honestly say Rachel is the most knowledgeable, experienced.and skilled therapist that has ever treated me. There is also this sense of calmness about her that you take with you when you leave. Thank you Rachel.

Robert Warnemuende


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