The winter sports seasons are now behind us, and players (and coaches) have had time to rest and recover.

Welcome to the kick-off of Spring and a new season of off-season athletic performance and conditioning.

Based on the research, we always strongly encourage athletes to have an actual “off-season” to work on improving their general athleticism and durability. The period right after their primary competitive season (and some good rest and recovery) is a good time for this.

ADAPT will be launching our 8-week Complete Athlete group training sessions starting this NEXT WEEK Wednesday (March 30th).

Looking for a unique program that redefines athleticism and durability?

At ADAPT we see durability as the single most important component of athletic training. What good are those months of training if you can’t actually be on the field or court for your sport because you are injured??

Our training sessions and programs are dynamic and progressive. We believe you cannot train for one singular athletic component at the expense of others. Isolated training leads to athletic limitations and eventual injury.

To construct a Complete Athlete, you need to develop balance, quickness, speed, and strength and the body’s ability to utilize all its athletic components at once.

ADAPT teaches athletes how to master all their physical talents, unleashing untapped athletic potential by focusing on developing full-body power. We will fine-tune your ability for explosive power by prescribing customized exercises to fit your individual training level.

ADAPT ensures the athlete achieves balance throughout the entire body, talent in every direction, and elimination of non-contact related injuries.

Our goal is to get athletes’ bodies out of the way of their talent.


  • Dates: March 30th – May 20th (8 weeks)
  • Days & Time: Wednesdays and Fridays; 3:30 – 4:30 PM
  • Location: ADAPT Performance Kauai (Kapa’a)
  • Cost (prices below do not include tax):

We will be limiting the size of the group to optimize results for our athletes. This will be a first come, first serve situation so if you are interested you need to take action now.

We look forward to helping you become the Complete Athlete you aspire to be!