Q: September Spotlight of the Month!  What is your name, what do you do, and where do you live?

My name is Charlene Dabin-Workman, I work for Jack Harter Helicopters and live in Kapahi.


Q: Take us back to what your life was like before joining the APK Program?

I was just working 10-hour shifts and then going home trying to get the family situated. I’d been dealing with high blood pressure for a few years and just in general feeling groggy and tired.


Q: Why did you end up deciding to join the APK program?

I wanted to get into shape but didn’t want to be around other people because I was too shy and not very confident and didn’t know what to do. I’d never been in a gym before.  I was never a sports person or really active, just Hula. I would pass the gym every day and finally told myself that it was time and let’s do it.


Q: What was your first impression from the APK program?

My first week was amazing.  The people were really inviting and comfortable and that meant a lot for me not going to the gym at all before. The program is designed to bring you in comfortably – so it was introduction and prepping, and then you get into your nutrition and then your exercise sessions. Meal planning was one of the best things to keep me on track that helped me as well as my family.


Q: What words would you use to describe ADAPT?

Amazing! Awesome! Fun!Spotlight; kapaa transformation; kapaa personal trainer


Q: How is the APK program different from other programs you have tried before? What makes APK different?

The coaches are amazing and they’re the key step to keep you here, or to motivate you, or to help you have a great workout. And each coach is different and unique and just amazing.


Q: What results and benefits have you experienced in the APK Program?

I started in January at 168 pounds. Now I am at 152 pounds and my waist is down to 37 inches, and it feels great! My blood pressure is maintained. Sleeping is amazing and I don’t get up through the night.  My family has noticed a whole lot of difference in me, and even the things that we do now. My hula is amazing!  My costumes fit better 🙂


Q: What would you say to anyone looking at this program?

I would say if you’re very hesitant as I was – not coming from an athlete or sports background – and you’re feeling tired, or having anxieties, and just want to better yourself, ADAPT will help you a whole lot – in your life. In your body. In your mind. It’s great!



If you live or work in Kapa’a, Lihue, Kilauea or other Eastside Kaua’i towns, then our Kapa’a small group and personal training is just minutes away from you.

ADAPT Performance Kaua’i programs include the ADAPT Performance Kaua’i Kapa’a Small Group and Personal Training, 28 Day Kickstart, sports specific training, weight loss programs, corporate wellness plans, nutrition plans, core fitness training, strength training, toning and more.  Clients include athletes (soccer, volleyball, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, cross country, track and swimming), corporate executives, professionals, weekend warriors, dancers, stay at home moms, and anyone looking for results.