As I sit here writing on my lana’i on this “crisp”, Kaua’i fall morning I am sipping on my coffee from – wait for it – a mug…

Well, let me clarify. Not just any mug. This mug is from the first company I ever worked for, which is crazy to think that was 20 plus years ago…

Why mention the mug?

Because it is a logo mug from a company. Pretty sweet, right?

kapaa personal trainer

Current Electronics was the name of the company and to this day it is my absolute favorite work experience.

The lessons learned were far greater than business. Believe it or not my degree is in business / marketing with a minor in psychology. I spent the first 15 years of my professional career in electronics manufacturing services in roles ranging from marketing communication to regional sales to global account management to business unit director…

Three brothers – “The Hewitsons” – founded an electronics manufacturing company in little Newberg, Oregon where I attended George Fox University. Of course they all had strong tech and engineering backgrounds, right??

Actually, no. They were educators and contractors, but they had a vision for how they could create meaningful impact through an electronics company.  Now there was supposed to be an engineer that started with them, but he ended up backing out at the most inopportune time…

But I believe this major setback and their lack of “traditional” education in that business was one of their single greatest success factors.

How on earth can I say that???

Because it forced them to ask questions. To be willing to be humble. To admit “I don’t know”. To seek outside knowledge and help. To believe in their greater vision even when there was no realistic reason they should succeed.

Their mission statement was “Planting Seeds of Greatness.”

This still puts a smile on my face because when I look at the people who went through that place, those seeds have now created a vast forest.

Several executives, engineers and production personnel in major tech companies who have gone on and changed literally millions of lives.  They bring that attention to quality and workmanship in products ranging from defense and aerospace technologies to keep us safe, to life-saving medical devices to ensure the health and recovery of our friends and loved ones.

I can tell you that I would not be nearly the man I am today without the blessing of being a part of that culture and having meaningful relationships with not just the brothers but my colleagues as well, many of which are still friends to this day.

More than just the bottom line

They gave me a glimpse early in my career that business does not have to be only about the profit and bottom line. But that we can change the scorecard and think in terms of impact – impact for our customers, impact for our team members and impact in our communities.

Those qualities I mentioned earlier:

  • Asking questions
  • Being willing to be humble
  • Being OK admitting “I don’t know”
  • Seeking outside knowledge and help
  • Belief in a greater vision

Those are the same qualities that are required if you want to transform your health, your fitness and your life.

  • Doing the same things you’ve done and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.
  • Thinking you have all the answers – yet not being where you want to be – is arrogance and pride; and a sure-fire way to guarantee you never get to your goals.
  • Continuing to go it alone when you have trusted, proven and knowledgeable experts that can partner with you just extends your timeline.
  • In the name of “saving money” we actually cost ourselves much more – in terms of time, wasted energy, potential injury and myriad other setbacks.

The last one, an unwavering belief in your ability to succeed, is one of your biggest assets in your transformation journey.

Belief – the secret ingredient

Unfortunately we see in so many of our new clients a lack of that belief. They’ve allowed their past failures, current circumstances and negative people in their life to convince them that this is all life has to offer – to be unhealthy, unhappy and unfulfilled.

But sometimes what you need to kickstart your journey is someone else who believes in you. Someone who can look through all the “stuff” and see your true potential. Who can provide the accountability as you work your way through the inevitable challenges and struggles of your journey. To encourage you toward that grander, fulfilled vision of your life that is deep within you.

And more than anything to be that voice of hope and belief in a sea of negativity and doubt that surrounds you.

Darkness is no match for even the tiniest sliver of light. And with the light comes hope. And where there is hope, transformation is inevitable.


My hope is that this can provide maybe that tiny flicker of light that someone out there needs. To be reminded that you CAN be more. That you were actually created for more. That you are cared for. That you matter.


I think with that I will sign off for today. No strong sales call. No “apply for our special upcoming program.” If you would like some help in this journey, just reach out and let me know.

Because I will tell you that I would not have attained my various successes without that someone not just telling me I could be more, but actually showing me.

God bless and press on,


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