ADAPT has the ability to work with any condition and physical goal. It is a one-of-a-kind training system that incorporates the principles of physical therapy into high performance athletic training. We can help you achieve your physical goals by working with your body to develop the underlying function (muscular efficiency) to accomplish them. At ADAPT we are committed to our clients and we will not stop searching for the specific approach to achieve your goals. ADAPT is motivated by our clients and takes personal responsibility for their welfare.

We are not a quick fix. Our program is based on giving you the critical movement necessary to return your body back to its original blueprint, minimizing or eliminating your symptoms or condition all together. We are your guides; you have to do the work.
We look for any deviations in the original design of the body. Our trainers use this information to construct your training program and judge the effectiveness of the exercises throughout your training.
All the systems in your body are dependent on the muscles holding everything in their intended place. Your body is essentially made up of plumbing and pulleys. For these to work the way they were designed, they need to be held in proper alignment. Muscles need to move so they maintain their function and perform all of their critical jobs. Critical movement is as important to your body as a healthy diet.
1. You can perform exercises that you could not previously.
2. Your symptom is less and you are doing more.
3. It takes longer before you feel your symptom.
4. You are able to hold better posture without trying.
5. You feel more energetic.
6. You feel lighter on your feet.
For the ADAPT system to be the most effective, all of your training needs to be coordinated through an ADAPT trainer. It doesn’t mean you can’t train where you want, but it is important to have someone overseeing your progression making sure you are not doing anything to decrease your muscular efficiency.
Training within your functional limits is critical to preventing training-related setbacks. ADAPT’s five level training system was designed to demonstrate the techniques consistent with your level of function.
Have you ever seen a cat or a dog wake up from a nap? They stretch! Our bodies need to move constantly to keep our muscles functioning. An AM is designed to wake up all of your muscles evenly and prepare them for the day. The PM is designed to undo any uneven muscular usage during the day and will prevent you from waking up with a stiff neck and back.
Exercise supplements are designed to offset the lack of movement during the course of your day. Each supplement can be used to elicit different responses. They are used by ADAPT trainers to help clients achieve their physical goals.
Always go to the next session. ALWAYS! Your trainer will help you work through your soreness and help determine the cause. You never want to avoid activity. Soreness can be caused by different reasons, and it is important to address the source right away.

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