When the human body is performing within its functional design, the physical potential of the individual can be fully realized. At ADAPT Performance we develop and utilize client-specific functional movement to restore the body to its original blueprint – a durable, pain-free, muscularly efficient machine capable of reaching your goals, whether they are “doing life better,” general performance or elite athleticism.

The ADAPT Training System is the most efficient and effective system there is to help you reach YOUR specific goals based on YOUR specific body and muscular function. Your body has adapted over time to the unique demands you have placed on it; if your current training plan does not account for this then not only are you more likely to get injured but you will also never achieve the best results possible.



Tobbie Tuttle, CPT
Tobbie Tuttle, CPTCEO (Chief Empowerment Officer)/ Owner
ACE Group Fitness Instructor -1998
Ace Personal Trainer – 2006
Certified Adapt Trainer – 2012
Certified TRX Trainer – 2017
CPR/AED Certified – since 1998
General Fitness, Athletes, Older Adults
…(and HULA AEROBICS for 15 years!!)

EDUCATION: BGS, Psychology (in Process)

ACTIVE TWIST!! It’s like candy 🙂 Sweet reward before and after a hard workout!

I’ve always loved being physically active throughout life. It started out as an image thing… Being young, wanting to look good in the swimsuit kind of thing. It wasn’t until I started learning to be an instructor/trainer that I realized the REAL reason I love physical fitness so much… I love the freedom of being able to enjoy the quality of life I have. My healthy body allows me to feel good while I’m active. Consequently, my mind and spirit followed along to create a joyful result: My healthy lifestyle! Finally, sharing what I know is how I keep my “vision of fitness” alive and well in me, my family, and in the lives of those I have the privilege to work with.

Rico Head Trainer

Training Specialty/Focus:

Favorite ADAPT exercise:

My Why:

ToriPersonal Trainer

Training Specialty/Focus:

Favorite ADAPT exercise:

My Why:

Missy Hoesel
Missy HoeselCoach
ACE Personal Trainer 2010
TRX Trainer Certified 2017
Les Mills Bodycombat/ CX Worx certified Instructor 2013
Barre Above certified 2016
Piyo certified 2016
AED/CPR certified since 2010
Enhanced Fitness Certified Instructor 2010

Training Specialty/Focus:
General fitness. HIIT training and kickboxing. Coaching young athletes and keeping our seniors fit as well.

Favorite ADAPT exercise:
Anything with animals! Bear Crawls, Monkeys, Frogs etc. All the playful ways to move our bodies.

My Why:
As a kid, I never was very athletic or put into sports (unless you count hockey cheerleading as a sport 😉 ) So it was having my own kids and wanting to be healthy and fit for them and setting a good example. Decided I REALLY liked the way being fit felt and wanted to share that joy with others.

Phyllis Stanwood
Phyllis StanwoodCoach
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor 1990
ACE Certified Personal Trainer 1990
Enhance Fitness Certified Instructor 2013
Schwinn Cycling Instructor Certification 2015
Barre Above Certified Instructor 2016
CPR/AED Certified

Training Specialty/Focus:
General Group Fitness. Power Aqua/Aqua Boot Camp. Coaching to promote healthy and active aging!

Favorite ADAPT exercise:
Wall assisted handstand – I love this exercise because I can do it! And hold it for at least 1 minute! Makes me feel like I did back in my high school cheerleader days, which is pretty awesome!!

My Why:
As a former high school cheerleader, becoming a group fitness instructor was a natural progression, and I love helping people have fun while they get fit! My experience as the GM of Kauai Athletic club for 22 years gave me the wonderful opportunity to see firsthand the benefits achieved by our members in leading a healthy and active lifestyle. As I continue in my journey as a Group Instructor and Fitness Coach, it gives me great satisfaction to help people ‘stay young’ as they improve their health, achieve their fitness goals and attain the best quality of life possible!

Jillian Allen
Jillian AllenCoach
I’m originally from Dunmore Pennsylvania and have been living on Kauai for 3 1/2 years.
I was a client at Adapt prior to perusing a career in personal fitness

I obtained my NASM certified personal trainer certification in June 2018

I have a passion for fitness and enjoy participating in any activity to involves me being in the ocean or hiking the mountains. My favorite hike is to the waterfall at Makaleaha falls.

I’ve recently taken up a new hobby, diving for tako (octopus) which I enjoy doing on my days off.

I have a degree in psychology from Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, PA

I currently work as the Manager of Fun at the Westin Princeville.

I have been a coach with Adapt since January 2018. Adapt has been the best fitness ohana I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of!!

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