On the road again…

(OK you can stop singing that in your head now 🙂

I’m typing this from the Phoenix airport after a red-eye.  I’m on my way to Louisville for another fitness business owner mastermind meeting.  If you travel even a little bit off island to the mainland you know what that means… long flights, crowded planes, challenging nutrition, jet lag, time away from the family, time away from the gym…

So why do I do it?

Well much like our clients I believe in the power of coaching, accountability and surrounding myself with those who can accelerate my results.  I think it would be hypocritical of me owning a fitness studio based on coaching, yet not personally being coached; right??

And yes like our clients it is an investment – of money, time, energy. And at the same time it is a sacrifice. By choosing to invest in this coaching and mastermind group it means I am sacrificing other places I could be spending that money and time as a business and individual. So I need to “consider the cost” to evaluate if the trade-off is worth it (and that’s a resounding YES for me).

It’s a similar story I hear when I sit down with new potential clients, and likely yourself.  Oftentimes we’ve invested our time and money and energy in trying to figure it out on our own. Trying to wade through the oceans of information out there about “good” nutrition and the best exercises for “that slim, sexy body.”

We’ve tried many other things – some successful (for a time), and some most definitely not…  Some have even gone so far to purchase equipment for their home gym (treadmills, weights, TRX, etc). And you can probably guess the end of that story 🙂   You see the key to success in your fitness journey (and yes, it is a journey), has very little to do with the actual “tools” involved – not the latest diet, or exercise routine or newest workout equipment.

No, it most often comes down to the things I mentioned above: coaching, accountability, social support and consistency.

If you look at the most successful people across the board in any field, you will see these at work, and foundational to their success. In fact if you look back at your own life and analyze your areas of success, these elements were most likely at its foundation.

The 4 Success Keys:

  1. Seek out Coaching. A coaches job is to assist you in accelerating your results by actively engaging and helping each client get the most out of their time in the safest and most effective way possible.
  2. Seek Accountability. Are there tools in place to help you with the toughest part of your journey – sticking with the new habits long enough to see real, lasting change? This can be by scheduling your workouts and meals ahead of time, or having a friend (or your coach) checking in on you when you don’t do what you said you would.
  3. Enlist Social Support. You need other people in your corner cheering you on.  Someone believing in and challenging us to do and be more than we even think is possible. This could be your fellow teammates at the gym, or a walking or adventure group, a food prep group, etc.
  4. Pursue Consistency. The only way to be successful is to show up. Frequently. People often ask what the best nutrition and exercise approach is. Ready for the shocking answer?? The one you will stick to.


So how can you go about ensuring these are part of your fitness program, and thereby greatly increasing your chances of long-term success?

You can always join us here at ADAPT Performance Kaua’i if you are on the east side (I hear they’re pretty good ;-).  Of course I’m biased, but honestly there are plenty of other great options for you. Both locally where you live as well as on-line, as long as they provide the elements above.

OK, well looks like we’re about to board. Hopefully you got something out of this and if nothing else encouraged you to take a look at your own journey and see if you are on the right path.

And if you’d like some help just shoot me an email ([email protected]) and let me know. (hint: we offer all these things at our little slice of fitness paradise). Or check out our “Getting Started” page here: http://bit.ly/getting-started-APK

A hui hou!




P.S. I am actually sending this the day after. A crazy snowstorm in Chicago gave me the “opportunity” to engage in some “terminal cardio” as I madly dashed from one gate to the next… and barely made it; just in time to sit another 30 minutes on the runway to get de-iced!

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Isn’t it supposed to be Spring Break??